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Spring Break Worries

It’s time for a vacation! Vacations are great, but sometimes they can go a little sideways. What happens if thieves ruin your fun? Or your luggage is lost? You could even have an accident with the rental car. Hopefully your vacation is a dream, but here are some ways to get it back on track if it jumps the rails.

How Do I Deter Thieves While I’m Away?

Before you leave for vacation, there are a couple things to do. Call the post office and any newspapers you receive, and have them hold onto your mail - you’ll want to avoid letting it pile up on the porch. Check all the locks on your house, and move your spare key from its obvious hiding place to keep unwanted visitors out. Light timers and a radio also will make it look and sound like someone is in the house for a relatively inexpensive price. It’s also wise to hold off posting all the fun on social media. Don’t alert potential thieves to an empty house.

What If My Luggage is Stolen?

Your personal property is covered for theft anywhere in the world. However, it’s important to know that some items, such as jewelry and cash, are only covered up to a certain limit. This varies by the policy, so before you leave, take a look to check - it may be worth leaving that extra necklace at home.

What If the Airline Loses My Luggage? Unfortunately, this happens more than the airline would care to admit. First thing, it’s important to call the airline before you leave the airport. Secondly, the airline will cover most of your luggage, although the limit depends on the airline, with some airlines excluding computers, money, medication, ect. in what they will pay for. If you have an HO-5, your insurance will cover anything over what the airline covered, but you can’t be paid twice for the same thing. Some credit cards will also help with lost luggage (check with them)!

Is My Personal Property Covered on Vacation?

Yes. Your personal property is covered for the same things (and the same amount) on vacation as if it were at home. Even outside the US. Just remember that your deductible will still apply.

Am I Covered If I Rent a Car?

Renting a car on vacation is often the most practical means of transportation. You are covered when you rent a car, but what you are covered for depends on your insurance company and policy. Your liability limits and deductibles will remain the same, BUT the rental car company may require compensation outside your policy coverages (such as loss-of-use or depreciation)*. Before you drive off with those rental keys, make sure you read the fine print of your rental contract.

*If you aren’t sure what your policy covers with a rental car, give us a call!

Pro Tip: Take pictures of your luggage (inside and out) before you leave, so you have a record of everything you’ve taken with you!

Do you have extra vacation questions? Comment below!

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