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Formed in 1924, The Budd Agency is a third-generation, independent, insurance agency. The office is conveniently located on US 35 in Winamac, IN, and open 8am-5pm on weekdays. 

       Our roots run deep in this small-town community. We care about it, and we do our finest to take care of it. We are a part of this community and committed to providing it with excellent, quality insurance coverage and service at the best prices possible.

       We know that no one company can be all things to all people. That is why we represent several companies. This allows us the freedom to find the right company, right policy, and right price for each individual that walks through our doors.

       At The Budd Agency, we understand that our job does not end there. We keep working, to see that the day-to-day changes are made promptly, correctly, and at the greatest convenience to our customers. Most importantly we stay involved during the claims process, making sure the lines of communication stay open, and that claims are settled as fairly (and quickly!) as possible.           

Schuyler Budd Winamac Indiana Insurance Agent
Schuyler Budd

Our founder.  Schuyler owned and operated a farm southwest of Pulaski.  In 1924, he began offering fire insurance to his neighbors.   He was an elder and clerk at the Pulaski Presbyterian Church. An avid  photographer, many of the old photos of the Pulaski area are from his camera.

Harold Budd Pulaski Indiana Insurance Agent
Harold Budd

Harold also split his time between farming and 

insurance.  Then, in 1968, he moved the agency into Winamac and expanded it into what it is today.

A WWII veteran, he served his community in many ways and on many boards and committees.

He loved music, and sang often at church, weddings, and funerals.  After retirement, he turned his 

creativity toward wood 

carvings, some of which are on display at the office.

David Budd Star City Indiana Insurance Agent
David Budd

Current owner, he can be found weekdays at the agency, or out on inspections or claims. He is service-driven, and is never known to turn down an opportunity to help. A history-buff and volunteer with the Indiana State Museum, he often is the go-to-guy for any type of question or trivia.

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