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A Crop Insurance policy might be one of two categories:

Crop Hail or Multi-Peril Crop Insurance.

These two categories insure the crops you have in the field. Both cover your crop while in the field, but from different perils and with different implementation. For more information, scroll down.

Crop Hail
Multi-Peril Crop

Rain and Hail Crop

Crop Hail Insurance insures crops specifically against hail and fire damage. With Crop Hail, a certain amount of coverage per acre is bought; if hail were to hit an insured field, the company will then determine the acreage and degree of damage. Crop Hail pays out when the hail hits, rather than waiting until harvest. Wind coverage and green snap can be added to the policy.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

MCPI is a government program, and is based on previous years' yield. It covers your crop yield one of a few different ways. 

Yield Protection 

Yield Protection guarantees that the farmer will be paid for a certain number of bushels per year. If he/she were to receive less than that, the company will make up the difference. This coverage has no claims unless there is an actual crop loss. Any claims covered are paid out after harvest.


Revenue Protection

Revenue Protection guarantees the farmer will be paid a certain amount of revenue per year. This means a claim might occur due to an actual crop loss or a low price. If the farmer were to receive less than the agreed revenue, the company would make up the difference. This type of claim is paid after harvest.

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