Whole Life Insurance will remain in force your whole life, as long as the premium is paid, or until you choose to cancel it.

Whole Life policies build up cash value, and, although the premiums are higher than with term life policies, they pay a higher amount back upon conclusion. A common example of a Whole Life policy is one set to be paid out in 20 years, or by age 65. Whole Life Insurance is broken down into a couple of types, Simple and Universal. Not sure how much Life Insurance you'll need? Try the Life Insurance Calculator below!


Simple Whole Life

A Simple Whole Life policy has a set coverage amount and premium, that will not change over the life of the policy.

Universal Whole Life

Universal Whole Life policy has variable interest rates, mortality rates and premiums, and will pay back a higher interest rate than Simple Whole Life.

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Simple Whole Life Insurance Winamac