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Workers-Comp policies protect the business in the event of injury to an employee. Scroll down to see how it's broken down into 5 parts.

Workers Compensation covers injury to employees*.


Workers Comp Insurance is also mandatory in Indiana.


Workers Comp Benefits are mandatory in Indiana.

*Sole proprietors, partners, or members of an LLC. are not considered employees, and are not automatically covered by Workers Comp, but they can be, by filing a request with the State.  

Officers of a corporation are employees of the corporation, even if they are also owners of the corporation.  Officers are automatically included in the Workers Comp, unless they choose not to be.

5 Parts of Workers-Comp

Medical pays the medical bills of an injured employee.


Disability coverage includes both partial and total disability.


Dismemberment coverage insures any employee that loses an arm, leg, finger, ect.


Death covers the expenses for a deceased employee.


Employer's Liability defends the employer in the case of his/her gross negligence.

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