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Our History

       The Budd Agency originated at the Budd family farm in 1924. After his barn burned, Schuyler Budd saw just how valuable and important insurance could be. He began selling fire insurance policies to his friends and neighbors.

       By the time he was sixteen or so, Schuyler's son, Harold Budd, started to assist with the business. After returning from duty in Japan, Harold returned to Pulaski County, where he continued to farm and sell insurance.

       In the late Sixties, both farming and insurance industries were changing . Harold was faced with the need to give up one to devote his time to expanding the other. So, he rented out the farm, and opened a small office in Winamac, on Main Street. In just a few years, the agency grew substantially. Harold recognized the need for more room and more help, and moved the office to its present location on Monticello Street.

       Like his dad, David Budd started working at the office while still in high school. He earned his insurance license while at college, and, after graduation, joined the office as a full-time agent. The business continued to grow. David became a full partner, and then full owner when Harold retired.

       Today, David also has the aid of two full-time customer service agents. His wife, Karen, handles bookkeeping for the office - just as Schuyler's wife, Nelle, and Harold's wife, Ruth, had prior. Together, they are still dedicated to the same excellent care and service provided first by Schuyler, and then by Harold; that the agency still is going strong more than 90 years later is testament to that commitment.

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